Legends of Medieval Spain

The Lovers of Teruel

This legend could be described as a Spanish version of the story of Romeo and Juliet.

Isabel Segura and Diego Marcilla grew up in the Spanish city of Teruel (near Valencia) at the beginning of the 13th Century. They were both from noble families and they where friends from a very early age. As they grew up together the two friends became sweethearts. Isabel's family were very wealthy and didn't want her to marry Diego since his family, although nobles where not rich. So the young Diego enlisted in the Christian army and set off to fight against the Moors. Before he left he pledged that he within 5 years would return a rich man and marry his beloved Isabel.

Unfortunately Isabel's family where not prepared to wait five years and began to organise her marriage to a rich nobleman. Meanwhile Diego had become a very brave and successful warrior and was rewarded with lands and great wealth. As the five years came to an end he made his way back to Teruel to marry his childhood sweetheart. Along the way, he heard about Isabel's impending marriage and rushed home as fast as he could, exhausting several horses on the way.

He finally arrived in Teruel on the evening of the wedding and climbed to the balcony of the house where the two newly-weds were sleeping. Isabel awoke and told Diego what had happened. Diego promptly died of a mixture of remorse and exhaustion. In the morning Isabel's husband carried Diego's body to a nearby street where it was later found.

Diego's family organised a grand funeral for their son. At the funeral, when Isabel bent down to kiss her dead sweetheart on the lips, she fell still and it became clear that she had died of a broken heart.

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