Medieval Spain - Photo Gallery

The medieval Castle and village of Alarcon and surrounding mountains, Spain

The Castle and village of Alarcón, Castilla La Mancha [Photographer:]

Photo of the 15th Century Casa de Dona Sancha half timbered house in Covarrubias, Castile - Spain

Medieval half-timbered houses in Covarrubias. [Photographer:]

The medieval castle towers over the tiny village of Frias, Castile - Spain

The charming, tiny and tranqil village of Frias. [Photographer:]

The Coisters of the 12th Century Monastery of Veruela near Zaragoza, Aragon - Spain

12th Century Cloisters of the Monasterey of Veruela, Vera del Moncayo, Aragon.

Medieval Fortifeid Walls Surrounding Avila in Spain

The 12th century fortifications of the Walled city of Avila (Catilla y Leon)

Photo of Peņiscola Spain, medieval old town castle and beach

A breezy afternoon in Peņiscola (Castellon) [Photographer:]

Photo of the Medieval Bridge at Besalu,Catalunya,Spain

The Medieval Bridge at Besalu [Photographer:]

Stone statues on the facade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

Santiago de Compostela [Photographer:]

The Medieval Bridge over the River Tajo, Toledo Spain

The Alcantara Medieval Bridge over the River Tajo - Toledo (Castilla La Mancha)

Medieval houses and fortifications in the village of albarracin, Spain

Medieval Houses, Albarracin (Teruel) [Photographer:]

The medieval Cathedral and La Giralda tower in Seville Spain, photo taken on a sunny day with orange trees siuluetted in the forground

The Medieval Cathedral and 12th Century Giralda tower, Seville

Beautiful views from the medieval village of Pals, near Girona in Catalonia, Spain. The countyside is very green since the photo was taken on a hazy day in spring, you can see the Mediteranean sea and the Medas Islands in the distance

Pals is built on a natural vantage point affording great views of the surrounding countryside

Photo of the medieval Cathedral in Tarragona, Spain

The Gothic/Romanesque Cathedral of Tarragona built between the 12th and 14th Century

Medieval shield showing the Knights Templar on the wall in a Castle,Peniscola Spain

The Seal of the Knights Templar. The portrayal of two knight on horseback symbolises the knights' vow of poverty.

Ruined Castle of Morella Spain stands above medieval houses

The Sunday Market Morella - Its not traditional fare but the setting's pretty idylic!

The Medieval Cathedral od Santiago de Compostela, view from the Alameda park with people and trees silueted in the foreground

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia.
View of the cathedral taken from the Alameda Park. [Photographer:]

Suits of Armor for sale in Toledo Spain

Suits of armour for sale in a souvenir shop in Toledo ! [Photographer:]

The Medieval Castle and village of Trasmos in the Sierra de Moncayo near Zaragoza, Spain

The 12th century castle of Trasmoz near Zaragoza [Photographer:]

Stallholder carving meat at the 2012 medieval fair of Vic near Barcelona, Spain

Food stall at the Medieval Fair of Vic [Photographer:]


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